Hi there! I’m Tammy and I’ve started this blog to help myself (and other stay-at-home moms)┬ástay accountable when it comes to parenting, being a loving and supporting wife, and maybe even as a way to share life’s little daily struggles. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for almost 5 years as of this writing and together we are proud parents to twin 4-year old girls, Allie and Kristy.

As any parent can understand, there are times where our children test our patience, frustrate us, and worry us beyond belief. Still, we continue loving them and couldn’t imagine life without those them. So instead of griping about our kiddos, we need to appreciate what we really have and not take anything for granted. Here I’ll be writing about boring day-to-day events, exciting adventures, and proud momma moments. Drop me an email anytime as I’d love to connect with other stay-at-home moms out there.me