With my kids starting Transitional Kindergarten this year it’s my first experience with packing lunches. I let them pick out their lunch bags with their favorite characters and bought all sorts of tiny containers and reusable bags. What I thought would be a fairly simple thing, packing lunches for 5 year olds, ended up being such a headache.

I don’t usually do product reviews on this blog but got the opportunity to test out a Bentgo kids lunch box and wanted to share my experience with other parents out there who share my aversion to tiny containers and messy lunch bags. Here’s why I love this lunch box for little kids.

I have run into several issues with the whole lunch situation. First, the containers. I’ve purchased three different styles of containers and my kids have struggled opening all of them. Livie in particular has issues with fine motor strength (which we work on regularly) but there is such limited time and assistance at lunch time she often doesn’t eat items because she simply can’t open them. I have to close them part way, which leads to the items spilling all over the bag.

She gets mad, I have to clean it up. I switched to using reusable snack bags but those often bust open in travel. She gets mad, I have to clean it up. Sometimes she throws the bags in the garbage forgetting my pleas and reminders that they are reusable.

I dread opening up their lunch bags when they get home from school because of all. those. little. containers. I know this probably sounds lazy on my part and maybe it is but I hate cleaning all those little containers and reusable bags not to mention how much space they take in the dishwasher. Let’s just say I’m not super fond of doing dishes and leave it at that. Don’t judge me!

For me, the Bentgo box is solving a lot of issues we’ve had. The box has an easy clasp for small fingers, probably the most important part for us. Livie opened it easily on the first try and there’s only two clasps to open.

The trays are sealable so food stays where it should and I don’t have to dig food crumbs, left over smooshed apple and cheese from the corners of the bag. The best part…it has one tray that pops out and goes into the dishwasher. That means going from 12 to 15 little containers to wash down to 3 trays. Problems solved!

If you have little ones and find packing lunches with a million little containers dreadful or have a child with weak hand strength, this may be a solution for you! Check out the image above for details on how to get your own box or go to Bentgo.com