Having houseflies invade your house can be quite irritating. Personally, I can’t stand the sound of flies buzzing, let alone their sight. They make everything seem dirty. You can’t even have visitors over without them feeling like they have been invited to third world country or a giant compost pile. It goes from bad to worse when food is served, and they parade themselves on your plate, competing with you to get full. This is as annoying as it can get.

Well, what if I told you I know of a way to steer your house clear of flies by killing multiples of them in minutes. The good thing about this method is that you won’t have to deal with blood stains, since the flies are not crushed.

Why Flies are so Hard to Kill

Killing a fly is sometimes close to impossible because of its extraordinary sense of sight. Unlike humans, they have a significant number of visual receptors known as ommatidia. These receptors are arranged strategically on their heads, such that they are conjoined to the brain. Flies can see what is happening around them at an angle of 360 degrees. Their eyes are fast to notice any movement and light as compared to those of humans. This is why when you try to wack them with a dish towel or rolled up newspaper, you miss more often than kill them.

Another reason why it’s hard to kill flies is because they fly so dang fast. These critters fly at a speed of 4.5 mph, and flap their wings approximately 200 times in a second. To make matters worse, they can multiply at a very fast rate. A single female fly can lay up to 2730 eggs, resulting in 2730 maggots being hatched all at once. If one fly can produce all those, then what about five of them?

How to Kill Flies

You can still beat the fly at its own game by using the following procedure to kill it.

Spot the fly – For you to be able to kill it, you must first locate it. Shed more light on it to avoid losing sight of it, otherwise it camouflages with a dark background. One secret you should know is that they are attracted to light. You can manipulate them, and bring them closer to you.

Get a spray bottle of a surface cleaner – The ideal cleaner is one that has vinegar as one of its ingredients such as Windex Multi Surface Cleaner. Hold the bottle ready to spray once the bugger lands. Aim at it from a safe distance, catching it off-guard. The spray will make it go blind, while wetting its wings. This will make it impossible for the fly to escape. Within a period of 6 seconds, the fly will have been poisoned to death by chemicals present in the cleaner.

The Advanced Method

This method should be used by fly killing “experts” only. If the fly is taking too long to land, spray it while it’s still in the air. You should be a sharp shooter in order to do this accurately. You will require a maximum of four sprays to suffocate the fly in a mist of the deadly poison. If it doesn’t die on the spot, it will definitely slow it down, giving you a chance to swiftly end its life.

The Fun Method

Image credit: Rid My Critters

If you don’t like the idea of spraying a household cleaner all around your house (without actually cleaning surfaces) or you want to feel like Rambo when killing flies, there’s another option. Something I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for a while, the Bug-A-Salt gun, is finally mine. Here’s a good review of the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 which does a much better job explaining how it works. In short, this gun shoots ordinary table salt at a high velocity to kill flies and other small pests. It only has about a 3 foot range but that’s usually a good enough distance where most flies won’t notice you aiming at them. I’ve never had so much fun with target practice. Highly recommended!