rain-rainIt’s pouring fifty-five gallon drums outside right now. I love the sound of the rain. It produces a very calming effect for me (we recently discussed on Reddit), and always has. At least it let me finish work this morning… But the exchange is the screaming new growth from this rain. My hubby has three sections of corn left to harvest this week, and on section three (the northern most section) the harvesting will be difficult possibly due to the rain, and may require the trailer behind the quad, and a leaf rake. When it rains too much, the portion closest to the crick floods just a bit, and causes me to have to skip it, then next week the length is such that it’s got to be raked out clean. A large area, and always a back ache!

A no-stress job huh? And that is one of the most defining aspects of this simple work. He’s had this job for a long time and I know that there are a lot of folks I’ve talked to about this that would love to put us out of work too! Be your own boss, make your own hours too. Every fall is salaried, but he’s in the “on-call” mode for those months. Tough but I gotta do it! We’re also in the process of “updating” our sprinkler system. While we normally wait till winter, we’re having to blow out the system now. Big Bertha (our 60 gallon Craftsman compressor) decided it’s had enough after 10 year. We have a backup Central Pneumatic compressor but it just won’t cut it. Off to Sears in the morning.

As much as I prefer the colder months of the year, this time of year is tough to beat indeed. A big plus is the fact that the electric bill is less than the nearly $200.00 a month in the months of moon! Just got the juice bill yesterday, it’s about $62.00 bucks. A mega-difference from January 15th.

Hope your fall eve is as pleasant as mine is tonight. 😉