bunksWhen my twin girls were four, my husband and I purchased our first house.  We moved in two weeks after our five year anniversary and it was such a  wonderful change from the apartment.  This new place had more bedrooms, allowing our daughters to each have their own space in time, and the ability for us to begin trying for another baby in the near future.  The twins certainly are not ready to sleep alone yet and have never spent the night apart since conception.   The one bedroom they wanted to share was a decent size, but really seemed suited to one bed not two.   The girls were in their cozy Merino sleep sacks which we splurged on from the Sleep Sack Store and still in toddler beds for the first month after we settled in, and the two toddler beds side by side were okay, with just a little bit of space for a night table in between, but it did not allow for much morning play space or wind down room at night.   I recall when I was young that I had a twin bed against the wall, looking across at the  corner with my  very own bookshelf  and a nice comfy bean bag set in the nook and I really wanted that for Allie and Kristy.

Jim, my husband, stepped in and came up with the solution before I did, but I admit I was nervous about it.  He suggested that we purchase bunk beds that would allow the space to be opened up.  He works all day and gets to see the sleepy side of the girls at night when I’ve been home all day listening to their bickering as little girls will do, they complain about sharing, they complain about who can have which dress on in the morning and I don’t even understand that one, I dress them identical!  Either way, I knew there would be a battle for top bunk and I was a little nervous about whether or not one of them would fall out from the top bunk having never been up that high before.

We’re huge fans of Ikea as half of our furnishings are from there but when we went to the store, nothing really stood out as far as bunk beds. Looking into our options online, we did manage to find one that was perfect, and the height was adjustable with growth.  They did fight over who was going to get the top bunk at first, but it was actually easily solved when Kristy won for top bunk and then found out that she was too scared to even sleep up there.  She opted for the bottom from then on out.   I got to create a nice little reading corner for the girls and a cute hammock over the top that houses their favorite stuffed animals.